Cluster 11 -- Future Foods: Sustainable Aquaculture & Aquaponic Food Production


Join us as we dive deep into the intersection of technology and agriculture. As the global population increases and changes in climate present new challenges for farmers, the need for sustainable food production is more critical than ever. This cluster will explore the biology, chemistry, and engineering behind aquaculture (i.e., farming finfish or shellfish) and aquaponics (farming plants with nutrients from fish waste). We will visit in person and virtually many of California’s premier aquaculture producers and speak directly with the farmers behind some of California’s favorite foods.

Learn how aquaculture and aquaponics are utilized for ecosystem restoration, the conservation of endangered species, and to sustainably feed billions worldwide. This class will consist of lectures and break-out discussions, field trips, group and individual projects, and class interviews with producers, regulators, and researchers in their fields.

Aquaculture & Mariculture Production

  • Principles of Freshwater and Saltwater Aquaculture
  • Fish and Invertebrate Biology
  • Recirculating Aquaculture Systems: Engineering & Design
  • Abalone Aquaculture & Conservation
  • White Sturgeon Aquaculture & Caviar Production
  • Steelhead & Rainbow Trout Aquaculture
  • Macro-algae & Seaweed Aquaculture: Kelp, Dulce, Nori & More
  • Oyster Aquaculture and Habitat Restoration
  • Tilapia & Catfish Aquaculture

Aquaponic Food Production

  • Principles of Aquaponic/Hydroponic Plant Production 
  • Controlled Environment Agriculture
  • Plant Biology, Physiology, Health & Nutrition
  • California Specialty Crops
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Supply Chains: From Seeds to Chefs